Profondo Design is dedicated to building sites that are:

  • Web standards compliant
  • Optimized for speed
  • Easy to understand and navigate
  • Beautiful

Platforms include static, hand-coded sites as well as dynamic sites using custom WordPress themes.

What you offer is unique. How can you communicate your story with impact?

I'd love to encourage you through each phase of discovery and development including:

  • Branding and design,
  • Content creation and editing,
  • Usability testing,
  • Security, backup and SEO recommendations.

Need to build a new website? Update your current one? Optimize your site for mobile?

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Daniel Portis-Cathers
Daniel Portis-Cathers is
Profondo Design

I live in Portland, OR where I make websites, music and pies. Occasionally I share a musical pie on a website.

Daniel Portis-Cathers is
Profondo Design


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