Optimization and Usability are Close Cousins


Usability is part of what optimizes your site. When your site is easy to use, you can be fairly confident you will score well on sites that test for optimization (like GTMetrix and Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test).

Optimized and Useable

  1. A speedy site keeps your visitors engaged because your site is more useable. Obviously, they will be more likely to stick around to complete whatever their mission was in the first place.
  2. A great navigation system (menus/buttons/hyperlinks) takes the guess-work out of finding things. It’s ok to create several links on the same page that go to the same place. People don’t all see the same things. Give them several chances to get to your most important links. They may not thank you, but they’ll start thinking about you negatively if they can’t get to where they want to go.
  3. Neat and clean are important, because they tend to make things simple and obvious. If people have to wade through paragraphs of text to find their information, you are making them work too hard. Bullet points are a great way to organize your thoughts and get the message across quickly. The work you put into making your thoughts clear and brief will pay off every time someone visits your site.